About Donate for Dance - 2024 Semester Fund!

Free 2 Be Me Dance is an adaptive dance program for people with Down syndrome and other disabilities. Our mission is to bring the joy of dance to everyone who desires to move their bodies regardless of ability. Those with disabilities are often marginalized from the dance community and not offered the same opportunities as their "neurotypical" peers. We aim to change this narrative one plié at a time! 

Our program would not be possible without our donors' donations big and small! With your support we are able to provide our dancers with studio space each week for classes, costumes, and need-based scholarships to our dancers in need. Free 2 Be Me Dance welcomes everyone who has the desire of expressing themselves through dance no matter what their financial situation is.

We have been grateful to provide a safe space for EVERY body for the past 15 years, and would love to keep seeing our dancers pursuing their passion. 

Our program is a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization, making your donation tax deductible.
EIN: 33-0418444. 

Checks can be made to:
Free 2 Be Me Dance
4140 Glencoe Ave #613
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292